Hi, I’m Henrick Holm from the Netherlands, I love playing video games.

I used to love spending time with my Galaxy S8, I had dozens of games installed on it. However, back then I was unemployed (Good Times!).

But shortly after I started working for a consulting firm, At work you can’t use your phone that much. But, I can’t stay away from spending time with Asphalt 7, So I had to find some workaround.

Then one day I came across a post on Reddit (r/gaming/), One guy wrote about how we can use android emulators for running android apps on PC.

And for me, it was – WOW! I can play asphalt on my PC. More especially I can play it while I’m in the office.

Anyhow from then, I started trying every android emulator out there.

Today, after testing every android emulator out there, I finally settled for BlueStacks. It’s the best android emulator.

So, I started blogging about it. If you are new to Bluestacks, you can visit the following posts for your reference. These might help you a lot.

So that was my story, I am not publishing anything personal about me like my pic or FB link.

I don’t like that much publicity.

Anyhow, Thanks for your time.

Enjoy BlueStacks, Enjoy BlueStacks Help!